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Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara The plot for this was was a lot clearer and easier to follow than all of the previous three thus far. It was more or less a straightforward police investigation involving Marcus, Kaylin's Leontine Sergeant and friend. And a subplot about putting on a play to help relations between the humans and the Tha'alani.That was about it, and if you ask me, it was not enough content to justify nearly 500 pages of book.Perhaps if, in the world of Elantra, they conducted regular police work; following clues and interviewing suspects and such, it might have worked better as a police procedural novel, but they don't. They already had most of the answers before they even started and it was just a case of playing it out. Hell, they could have just asked Marcus since he would have been able to tell them all everything he knew and saved everyone a lot of trouble, and us as readers, a lot of filler.I'm also getting annoyed by the lack of character development. Surely we could have used a few of those 500 pages of text to do something, anything, with the two "potential" love interests in the series? I need for something to happen; a conversation, a lingering look. I will accept ANYTHING at this point that indicates Kaylin isn't 100% asexual.Moan, moan, whinge, whinge. Hey, it wasn't all bad. I enjoyed learning about the Leontines and how Marcus lives with his wives. I enjoyed getting Marrin's back story...but I'm just really ready for something BIG to happen . And soon!3 Stars! ★★★