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Warning to all readers: A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions. #trufax Website: http://www.thedemonlibrarian.com/ My name is Lynsey. I am an avid reader. My favourite genres are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and the occasional Historical or Romantic mystery. I currently have around 30-40 series on the go, and am constantly feeding my TBR monster. It's an addiction, what can I say? Anyway. Happy reading, everyone! ☆.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ♥ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆

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Wrong Side of Dead - Kelly Meding MEDING HAS DONE IT AGAIN!I have yet to be disappointed with anything Kelly Meding has written. Her stories are always exciting, interesting, dramatic and full of lovely, juicy action scenes and often some highly emotional ones, too. I also enjoy the dangly carrot method of writing she likes to employ that keeps you furiously turning the pages of her books. I am, of course, referring to the flashback plot device. This is something that has been consistent with all four books in the series so far, as we've slowly built the characters' back stories. I know flashbacks probably aren't everyone's idea of a good time. And I can see how they might be confusing, and maybe even a little annoying at times for some people. But as a method of tweaking your interest to make you desperate for answers, they really are effective. And for me, as a big L.O.S.T fan back in the day, they feel perfectly natural and are very well executed by Meding, in my most humble opinion. I don't know much about the process of writing a book, but I can only imagine that using jumping time lines like this must make your job that much harder. Trying to keep everything straight, or not straight, as the case may be. I found it fascinating, therefore, that Meding not only does this, but that she also changes from past tense prose for the present day scenes, to present tense for the flashbacks... You know, 'cause clearly before it was just not complicated enough for her! Pfft!Is the woman some sort of masochist, maybe? I'm just sayin'.Well, whatever the reason behind it, it really works, and there was not one section of the book, no matter which time we were in, that was slow or dull in any way. It is slightly different from the previous three books in that instead of flashing back to before Evy got her new bod, we have jumped forward four weeks and are flashing back to events between now and the end of the last book. And a lot of things have changed, let me tell you! You might even find yourself wondering if you missed a book somewhere. You haven't. And it will all become clear... eventually. It's hard to discuss the actual plot without giving anything away, so I'm not going to bother other than to say that a former nemesis is back in town and they haven't given up on their master plan muah ha ha ha! As villains go, they're pretty scary simply because they are completely insane. And you just can't reason with the crazies. You just can't.So, in sum, if you are an Urban Fantasy fan and you haven't read anything by Meding yet, you are seriously missing out on some top quality UF. You are pretty much guaranteed a fast-paced, action-packed tale full of twists, turns, shocks and WTF's. So go add her to your shelf, like, right now! That's an order!5 Stars! ★★★★★Review Copy: Received from the publisher for an honest review